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Area Chart not allowing Top Panel Selection

I am trying to create an are chart with a top panel selection and date slider however, upon clicking 'Visible Series Selection' under Interaction I do not have any options let alone for a date slider or Top Panel.

Forum image

However, when I change the chart type to line, I have all of the interaction options available to me and can have the top/side panel and date slider and unit selection etc..

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After going from Line chart back to area, the extended options are still showing they are available to use, however they do not work or change the output at all.

I am using Yellowfin Version 7.1. Operating System: Windows Server 2012 6.2

Thanks very much,
Hi Rose,

Thanks for sending in the question. Unfortunately top series selection and time series functionality currently is not supported with area charts.

An enhancement has been opened regarding Area charts and time series (Task ID 101854), but it has yet to be officially added to our product road map.

Regarding what you've run into specifically, it looks like this is a bug that has been fixed in more recent builds of Yellowfin (I was unable to reproduce this using the most recent build of Yellowfin - 7.2 20160701).

If you upgrade, you should no longer be given time series chart options after switching to an area chart.

Anyway, hopefully this information is helpful. Please feel free to let me know if you have any follow-up questions here. I look forward to hearing back if so.

Kind Regards,