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Broadcast report comes back as no results returned.

We have a report that is being broadcasted daily. Every day the email attachment of the xls report comes back as no results returned. If I run the report within YF there's plenty of results and I can export the report just fine from there. Is there some sort of setting that we're missing?
Hi Derek,

Thanks for the detailed info. I have an inkling on what could be causing the issue, but do some more info.

Firstly, what version of YF are you using?
E.g 7.1 July 2016 release.
If you're unsure, just grab the info under Admin > System information and shoot it through.
Secondly, what type of security do you have enabled on this report?
Are there source filters, view security, folder security etc..

Lastly, are you broadcasting to an individual user, or group?

I think if we can get this info, we can work out what is tripping it up, and how to fix.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.