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Can Email Report option turned on by default ?

Hi Team,

When we create a new report, we have to enable manually Email Report option from Distribution Security,
Is there any way to turn it on by default for each newly created report?

Also for already created reports is there any back-end way to enable for all reports.
I have found a column AdhocEmailEnabled from ReportHeader Table which i think is flag to turn it on or Off,
Is this the only place we need to update or are there any other places we need to Update ?


Any Response on this one ?


I don't think that setting the Email Distribution to 'On' by default is an option in Yellowfin 7.1. However, 'On' is the default value for this option in 7.2.

There may be a way to turn Email Distribution on retroactively for preexisting reports, although this is something that is not formally supported. If you wish to pursue this further, please shoot us an email at, and we may be able to work up a query for you.