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Cannot Hide Individual Filter Values in Report Based on a Stored Procedure

I have a report built on a view which is linked to a stored procedure with four parameters (filters). I would like to hide the legend values of two of them; however, the option to individually hide them doesn't seem to be working. The option to hide all filter values does work though, leaving me with an all or nothing scenario. This behavior does not occur in my other reports based on regular SQL views.

Hi Jason,

Unless I am missing something here, unfortunately what you are after currently isn't possible (stored procedure or otherwise). You can only turn the filter legend on or off.

This has been raised as an enhancement in the past (task ID# 228748) and is currently considered 'planned'. This means we are looking to implement this functionality. I have gone ahead and annotated your interest in this functionality as well as raised the priority of the task.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions on any of this. If I don't hear back, have a great weekend!

Kind Regards,