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Data Conversion

Hi - I am trying to convert epoch format to normal U.S. date. The pattern is applied correctly, but the date ends up Jan 17, 1970. The dates are all the same, too. That is, they are all Jan 17, 1970 or Jan 18, 1970. I noticed that this conversion can be done from both the View editor and the Report designer under Advanced Function. I am using a SQL Server database, and all the other fields types work fine. I am able to test from my data tool using SQL and it works fine, so I know it can be done. Any ideas on what to check so I can fix the date?

Thank you in advance.
Hi Hugo,

Thanks for sending in the case. Do you think you could give us an example of the fields you are working with? For example what is the format of your original date field, and are you using a predefined function or are you trying to convert this date using your own SQL?

Could you attach a couple of screenshots demonstrating what you are trying to accomplish so that we can try to work this out on our end and provide a potential workaround?

I look forward to hearing back, and helping you get to the bottom of this one.

Kind Regards,