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Doubling of numbers on the Y axis


We are working in YF version 7.1 build 20150922. We have a simple report there with combination chart which shows two metrics by hours during 1 day. The problem is sometime on the Y axis appear double numbers
(see please a red area on the screen shot). There is no any changes in the data or in the report, it is happens sometimes without any reason only in the chart. The numbers in the table looks correct.

Thank you!

Hi Tina,

I hope all is well,

Unfortunately I was not able to replicate this issue, which is why I want to question the following:

Can you confirm that this is a regular occurrence within this specific report or within most reports in general?

To get hold of your Yellowfin logs would help, so if you could send them across to our support email, this would be a big help.

I think going forward I would like to question wether or not you are willing to perform an upgrade of your Yellowfin Instance as I noticed this was a fairly old release and quite possibly could have been corrected within a newer build/version.

I look forward to your reply.