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Drill-through from a KPI report

I'm trying to build a POC for a demonstration tomowrrow. One of my (previously) favoured ways of demonstrating data interactivity is to start off with a KPI dashboard, expand one of the KPI reports and then drill-through to a report that allows further interrogation of the selected period's data.

However, I'm finding with version 7.2 that even though the drill-through setup works fine in the output stage of the report editor, once I activate the report the drill-through is no longer available. If I turn off the KPI functionality, the drill-through then works on the re-activated report, but of course the report is then not available on the KPI dashboard.

This seems to me to be a backwards step. Can someone please clarify if this is an intended feature in 7.2, or a bug.
Hi Andy,

Apologies for the delayed response.

I've gone through and tested this, and definitely looks like a bug to me. I've gone ahead and raised it as a defect with the case # 235874. Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon and included in a new Yellowfin build!