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Google Maps Grouped Tooltips

Hi, it's possible to group tooltips on google maps integration.
When had multiples records with same lat long. Or when maps has zooming out?

getting this result:

Forum image
Good Afternoon Rafael,

Hope you are well,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have looked in to your question and I need some further information to assist me in providing you with the correct answer.

Can you provide some further details on what you are trying to archive as the screen shot you have provided contains the tooltips in the format you are asking for.


Hi Adam,

I trying to get the same that is showing in (2min)

But when I had multiples records with the same position (Lat/Long or Zoom Position) maps shows multiples tooltips overlaid but wanna to get a tooltip with the number of itens in that position how is showing in the video.

Look my results:

Forum image

Forum image
Hello Rafael,

Sorry for the long delay in response.

Unfortunately due tot he way that the google API's work we will not be be able to concatenate the tool-tips together for identical location IDs

There may be a solution, but it's not the prettiest.

As the location/geocode ID is incredibly exact, you can perhaps add some kind of variance to the last couple of digits on x and y which will make entries with the same location ID scatter over a very small area.

When zoomed in each data point would then be visible as an individual point.

I understand that this isn't the easiest thing to do, but this may be the only way to provide the granularity that you are after.

Best regards,