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How do I change Week date to Month name when I move from Week option to Month option in charts using Visible unit Selection

Hi Team,

While creating a chart using Visible unit selection, when I am in the Day option I see the date getting displayed on the axis and when I move to week, Month, Quarter and Year, I still see the date on the axis. Is there a way to dynamically change the date to Month name when I move to Month option and Year to Year number when I move to the Year option.

PFA, the screenshots for your reference.


Hi Abhijith,

Thanks for sending in the question and for attaching screenshots.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to accomplish what you are after on this one. There is no way to dynamically update the axis dates to match the currently selected unit. This is because currently the axis date values are tied directly to the field date formatting.

I do think this is a good idea so I have logged this on our community:

This is so the idea can be reviewed by our product team and hopefully converted into a product enhancement task.

Anyway, I apologies for the inconvenience here. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns or would like assistance in accessing the community.

Kind Regards,