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log entry: Unable to add link for field


I'm seeing a line repeated a lot in my log files. It actually filled up a couple files worth. There is no other information around it.

YF:2016-06-20 08:41:06: WARN (ReportDatasetProducer:I) - Unable to add link for field

Granted it is just a WARN, but is there a way to find the root cause?


Hi Chris,

I hope all is well,

I've not come across this warning before, so to help me investigate this further, could you provide me with the following pease:

-Yellowfin build/version
-Steps taken to receive this warning

With this can I ask, how long have you been receiving these warnings, also has there been any recent changes to your Database? or have you gone through a YF upgrade?

I look forward to your reply.


Hi Mark,

Our build version is:

Operating Environment
System Properties
Application Version: 7.1
java.version: 1.7.0_79 Windows Server 2012
os.arch: x86
os.version: 6.2

Application Details
Current Schema Version: 20130704
Original Code Version: 20090227
Current Code Version: 20160418
Import Version: 4.38

Our MS SQL database was recently upgraded in place to SQL Server 2014.

I do not know what steps would recreate the message. I was reviewing the logs and came across it.
Attached is the current yellowfin.log file.



Hi Chris,

Thank you for getting back to me with the information required.

Having looked at the log files this could relate to the exporting of a file and how the exporting tool is placing the information.

I could be wrong but from looking at the action followed by the error it appears that a export is in place;

YF:2016-06-28 07:41:31: WARN (ReportDatasetProducer:I) - Unable to add link for field
YF:2016-06-28 07:42:25: INFO (HtmlExporter:C) - Exporting report to HTML (690700: Collection Monitor (Court Timeliness by Region))

As mentioned above I could be wrong on this, but if you can monitor this and notify me if this becomes a problem.

I hope this helps.


Just to add to this, I think if you look at the report that seems to be throwing this
warning, you might find an element of that report not working correctly.
The report in question is 'Collection Monitor (Court Timeliness by Region))'

Is there anything that stands out with this report?


Nothing stands out in the report. It's a simple bar chart (see attached) emailed out as HTML.