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Login credentials invalid

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The Network admin changed the default credentials (from; test) to their own by editing the admin account under User Administration.

They now cannot access the site with errors being returned:-

Default credentials - ?You don't have the appropriate access to log on to this role?

Custom credentials - "Password does not match login name"

Is there anyway to reset these credentials so can gain access?

In your Yellowfin installation folder, look in the development/examples/ directory for a file called "ResetAdmin.jsp". Copy this file into your webapp directory (Yellowfin/appserver/webapps/ROOT/).

Then go to this jsp in your browser, eg:


You will be able to set a new password for any user.

Please note that this page is not secure. Once you are finished, you should delete the jsp from the webapp directory.
Awesome, thank you!
This is very Helpful. Thanks for input.
Phew...thought I was going to have to reinstall everything. This worked- thank you!