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Org Ref Codes not showing in Filters

version 7.1
Within a report I have some usernames, however I have setup an Org Ref code to display their full names, which works in the report.

When I setup a filter with a Value list Selection and click on refresh now, it shows the usernames and not the full names as per the Org Ref Codes.

How do I get the filter to show the Full names?



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Hi Chris,

Thanks for sending this our way. Unfortunately, I have not been able to recreate this issue on my end. In order for me to proceed and conduct some more accurate tests, could you tell me what specific build of 7.1 you are using? This can be found in the Admin Console, under System Information. Also, when you exit the Filter Formatting box after you cache your filters, do the full names show up as expected on the report? Or does the report only display the shortened usernames?

If you could pass this information our way when you have a free moment, that would be great. Thanks in advance!