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post login user authentication with db

I have a report whose data needs to be seen only by supervisor/deputy in their respective departments and so I need to authenticate user with database post login.
In all other cases it needs to show a blank report with no data!!

Is there a way to achieve this in Yellowfin?

Hi Raj,

There a couple of ways that I think you could do this, but which way would work best for you will depend upon your individual setup.

The first is with a content category (folder). You can set up a content category to be accessible only by certain people (supervisors in your case). I'd take a look at this wiki page for how to set those up:

Another good way to do it would be to make the reports Private. This can be done on the save screen for each report. After switching a report to Private, you can select individuals or User Groups (like supervisors) that are allowed to see/edit the reports. Check out the bottom of this article for a quick note on that:

These should get you on the way to restricting your reports as needed. Please let us know if we misinterpreted your question, or need any additional help on this.


Thanks for the reply. I'll try the options you have suggested and keep you posted.
After looking at both options(Content Categories and Private Report) I feel it does not meet my requirement because I can identify a person as a Supervisor or not post login only!!!
That's why I need a mechanism to check the login user's id and role with the database for the user to have access to the data or not!
I tried creating a source filter at the data source level with sql but it does not seem to work!

Hi Raj,

How are you authenticating users into Yellowfin? Are you using LDAP, or the standard YF authentication method?
The source filter worked when I compared the email address of logged in User with the token ?USERID? in a SQL.

Now, I'm able to display the right data for the logged in user based on their credential.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Our users log in via LDAP authentication.