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Relative Key Dates – Distribute

Is there the ability to avoid hard dates and instead use keywords when scheduling a report?

For example, if I want a report each Monday, can I supply a keyword (such as WEEK-1) instead of a hard-coded date. Or, MONTH-1, YEAR-1, etc.

If relative keywords are not supported, how do you schedule a report and always get a 30 day report for the previous month, for example?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you want to do a Broadcast that fires on a "flexible" day that isn't hardcoded to a date. You want the report tied to this broadcast to report the results of the previous 30 days.

First, I recommend checking out this wiki article on email broadcasting:

This is assuming that we're talking about the same thing, but scheduling a broadcast doesn't use hardcoded dates. The format is something like "Broadcast weekly on Tuesdays", or "Broadcast on the 16th of every month" where you pick the day of the week or month.

In order to generate a report that returns the previous 30 days worth of data, you will have to set up filters at the Data level of your report. If you get your 'last 30 days' filter set up correctly, the broadcast should only return the previous 30 days worth of information when the report is generated according to its schedule.

A wiki article on setting up filters can be found here:

Please correct me if I misinterpreted your initial post, or if you have any further questions.