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Report Web-service from ASP.Net MVC application


I have an ASP.NET MVC project from which I'm trying to make calls to the YelowFin (7.1) web services. I have made the changes to the stubs as recommended here[1] which resolved a few problems, but I am having other problems similar to the one detailed in the first comment here[2].

But, i am getting the same error, i.e., Cannot resolve symbol 'remoteAdministrationCall'.

This is my code for the LocadDashboardTab function in c# lanugage:

private void LocadDashboardTab()
var rsr = new ReportServiceRequest();
ReportServiceResponse rs = null;
DashboardDefinition dd = null;

rsr.loginId = "";
rsr.password = "test";
rsr.orgId= 1;
rsr.reportRequest = "LOADDASHBOARDTAB";

//ID of the dashboard tab
rsr.dashboardTabId = 1111;

var service = new ReportServiceClient();
//getting erron in next line for 'remoteAdministrationCall'
rs = service.remoteAdministrationCall(rsr);
dd = rs.dashboard;



Have you enabled web services for this user? Under the Admin Console and Roles you will want to ensure web services is enabled (see my screenshot below):

Forum image

I am also including another forum reference: Error Calling RemotAdminstrationCall