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Showing duplicate data on rows in cross tab report

Hi there,

I'm wondering if there is any way to have the data in a cross tab report repeat on every row instead of putting it into sections. I have attached an image taken from your wiki - for example you have 'Active' beneath Booking Status. The word 'Active' is shown only once and is its own section. Is there any way to change it so that Active is shown on each row within that section instead of just once? The reason I ask is that when exporting to Excel to be imported into a data warehouse, we need each row to be complete. I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere - I spent a bit of time searching and couldn't find anything.


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Hi Mike,

At the moment there is no way to change the formatting of the column/row headers to display every line when they are nested, as in the image you posted.

If you didn't need the values to be in separate columns when exported, rather just displayed next to each other, you could consider creating a calculation to do something like what you're after.

If you can concatenate the two values into one string, you can use that one field as the row field and get the values to repeat. Unfortunately this does not quite have the same desired appearance as the nested headings you have.

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What I did here was create a calculation that joined my status and demographic together. I am using SQL Server for this scenario, so my calculation looks like this:


Yours may need to look different depending on the syntax required by your database.

Thanks Theresa, I hadn't thought of concatenating the data with a calculated field, that should suffice for now :)

Thanks again.
Hi Teresa,
some of our end users also have requested the possibility to enable the repetition of data in every row for cross tab reports instead of putting it into sections.

For column or row reports there is an option within the "Format Column Menue" to "Show/Supress Duplicates". This option is missing for Cross Tab Reports (as shown in the first post of this thread).

Thus, is it possible to create at least an enhancement request for adding this option to the "Format Column Menue" of Cross Tab Reports?

Thank you so much & kind regards,
Good Afternoon Sebastian,

Hope you are well,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have looked in to this issue for you and i have checked if there are any enhancements regarding this issue. I can advise that this option has been spoken about and our Dev team have advised that it is not something that can be changes as it is a limitation on the cross tab report.

I am sorry that this is not the information you were hoping for. if you do have any further questions please feel free to contact us.


Hi Adam!

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Kind regards

We have the same request from clients and I have seen this functionality on other reporting tools. As such it is not an inherent limitation on crosstab reports. Please can you explain in further detail why this can't be changed?

We have reports where the first column would group across page breaks, making the report very difficult to read / use. For export to Excel purposes @ the client, the first proposed work around is also not really feasible.

As such, a 'Show Duplicates' function is really needed here.

Please advise?

Hi David,

Thanks for the email.

Sorry - but for some clarification could you please upload an example screenshot of the behavior you are after from one of the other reporting suites?
Then I'll be able to investigate this further for you.

Keep me posted.