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Standard score appears as NULL for a column


I have a column called 'Reader ID'. I dragged it twice onto the report builder. I changed the second one to a count. Screenshot attached.

Now when I go to advanced functions and try a mean or a deviation on the count, it works just fine. Screenshot attached.

However, when I change the advanced function to 'Standard Score', it doesn't display and all the values are NULL on mouseover. Screenshot attached.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Hi Nitin,

Thanks for the detailed info.

I have replicated your issue, and it seems that the issue is with the analytic function trying to convert the dimension to a matric, see even though you have applied a count to the dimension, it's still being treated as a dimension with the standard score function.

I have raise a support task #232508 for this to be looked at by the dev team, but unsure as to whether the issue lies with the function not handling the count aggregation, or being able to choose 'standard score' on an aggregated dimension.

I will let you know once I have more info.

Also, in future can you please post any questions/issues/ideas on our new 'community':

This is going to replace our forum in the near future.
You will need a login, so just email and we can get one organised.