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‘Totals’ menu item not available on a crosstab report


I have a crosstab report where I had the coss pivoted metric summed using the 'Totals' menu option for the metric.

On another crosstab report I want to do the same, but the 'Totals' menu option is missing.

See image

Forum image

Any advice?

Hi David,

Thanks for sending in the question, and I'm sorry to hear that you are running into troubles adding column totals to your cross tab report.

To me it seems like this forum post might be best handled as a case (in the event there is something odd occurring). Do you think you could send an email to This will open a case in our CRM, and if there is a bug here we can route the case to our developers for resolution.

Could you include the following information in your email?

1. Your Yellowfin version and build information
2. Screenshots of your entire report
3. Detailed information/screenshots regarding the Planned Financial field and the Planned Value field (what makes these fields different?)

We look forward to hearing back, and hopefully we can figure out a solution for your quickly.

Kind Regards,