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Web Service GETCONTENT returns no content

I'm trying to use GETCONTENT, EXPORTCONTENT etc. to automate deployment between environments.

However my GETCONTENT doesn't return any content, despite the status of the request being SUCCESS:



Successfully Authenticated User:
Web Service Request Complete



I've been trying to trace the logs of the remoteAdministrationCall but to no avail -- any suggestions?
Hi Jay,

Thanks for sending in the question. I just tested the GETCONTENT web service on my machine and I can confirm everything works as expected. My webservice isn't in XML format but hopefully it helps.

Here is an example of my web service call:



Create User
Using Java generated stubs rather that using the Yellowfin webservices API..


String host = "localhost";
Integer port = 7272;
String path = "/services/AdministrationService";

AdministrationServiceResponse rs = null;
AdministrationServiceRequest rsr = null;
AdministrationServiceService ts = new AdministrationServiceServiceLocator(host, port, path, false);
AdministrationServiceSoapBindingStub rssbs = (AdministrationServiceSoapBindingStub) ts.getAdministrationService();
AdministrationPerson ap = new AdministrationPerson();
AdministrationClientOrg aco = new AdministrationClientOrg();
AdministrationReport ar = new AdministrationReport();

rsr = new AdministrationServiceRequest();
rsr.setOrgId(new Integer(1));

rs = rssbs.remoteAdministrationCall(rsr);

for (ContentResource p : rs.getContentResources()) {

out.write("Content Type:" + p.getResourceType() + " Content Name: " + p.getResourceName() + " UUID: " + p.getResourceUUID() + " ID: " + p.getResourceId() + "


Have a great day!

Kind Regards,