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XML Import hangs

Hi ,

I am trying to import an xml file, size 12 MB , however it seems the import hangs.In the beginning it was timing out then I increased the timeout to 2.5 hours and it still doesn't work.
The datamart database (sql server 2012) shows sessions with status "suspended".
The Yellowfin build is the same in both source and target ( 20160323 ).

I have attached the logs.

Is there any listed bug for that build?

Hi Silvana,

Thanks for sending in the question and I'm sorry to hear that you have run into issues importing your file. To my knowledge there haven't been bug fixes that fix this specific problem you are encountering.

Usually when we troubleshoot these sorts of issues we ask our customers to break about the import file to hopefully isolate a problematic report. Usually when I am troubleshooting this, I will export/import by content category, and when I stumble upon a problematic import file I will then test each individual report until I narrow the problem down.

This process can be time consuming, but historically speaking import files get hung up when a problematic field is encountered. For example a bad calculated field exists in a report etc.

I took a look at your logs and they do seem to be littered with filter errors which makes me wonder if maybe you have reports that are cached via scheduled SQL queries. Is it possible that some of these filters might be referencing database fields that have since been changed? This might cause issues.

If you would like, we could treat this forum post as a case (this will allow us to route the case to our developers in the event a bug is uncovered here). If you are interested, could you send us an email to, reference this forum post, and include your current version/build information (not just the build)? Also, could you test importing, note the time, then send over your entire Yellowfin logs? This will allow us to reference your errors across all of your log files and will aid in the troubleshooting process.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing what you think here!

Kind Regards,