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Year Over Year Chart

Hi Team,

Please provide a method to create a chart that will give current year sales and the previous year sales without the need of hardcoding any year filters.

For Eg: If the current year becomes 2017, I would want the chart to automatically know that my current year is 2017 and the previous year is 2016.

Hello Abhijith,

If you use a Year filter and set it to a "defined value", you can then specify "Pre-Defined Values" and "Last Calendar Year Start"

This will automatically change when the next year rolls around.

If you need to go back further in time, you can use another "defined value", but this time, select "Defined Value".
Turn on "Dynamic Date" and then you can select the minus (-) and the number of years/months/days.

This will automatically update based on todays date.

I hope this helps,