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YF 7.2 error when export to XLSX (Crosstab with subtotals)

Hi Guys,

Month ago I reported a problem with YF 7.2 when exporting to excel a crosstab report with subtotals, I have the ticket (230323) but a new build arrived in July and this issue was not fixed. We have around 20 crosstab reports with subtotals and none of them can be exported to excel at this moment. Do you think we can get this fix included in next build? This is really important and we are planning to go back to 7.1 because this issue.

All details are included in ticket Yellowfin[230323]. I really appreciated if this can be solve as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Hi Everyone,

This issue has been solved in recent build 20160728, I just upgraded our environment and all exports to excel are working perfect.

Thanks a lot Dev Team for including this fix.

Kind Regards,