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Make your data the catalyst for change

Transform your entire business by making your data the driver of growth and profitability.  With Yellowfin’s action based dashboards, automated discovery, and data storytelling tools you can innovate with data to optimise your business processes, serve your customers better and create new revenue streams.

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What will you do with Yellowfin?

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Modernise your reporting tools and create a data-driven approach to decision making throughout your business.

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Build a data culture and increase user adoption by enabling all your stakeholders to engage with and collaborate with data.

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Automate the data discovery process to identify every critical change to your business and notify users immediately.

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Use data to create innovative products and services that fill market gaps and generate new revenue streams.

Tap into the value of your data

Data and analytics is the next frontier of innovation and competitive advantage. Traditional BI tools provided marginal value to the business. Yellowfin provides you with all the tools you need to drive transformational value. We combine action based dashboards, automated discovery and data storytelling into a single integrated platform that lets you create new ways for your people to engage with and act on data.

Tap into the value of your data

Focus on the business user. Build a data culture.

To build a data culture you need a solution that business users want (and love) to use.
By focusing on how organisations can extract more value from their data and addressing the needs of the analysts and business users Yellowfin redefines the analytics experience offering features designed to make BI more accessible, engaging and actionable by connecting insight discovery to actions.
Our unique mobile app, Signals, Storytelling and dashboard modules make it easy for business users to consume and act on data. This drives up user adoption and increases the ROI on your data and analytics investment.

What they get with other vendors

What they get with Yellowfin

  • Basic Dashboards Interactive Dashboards & Reports
  • Manual Data Discovery Alerts to changes as they happen
  • Numbers without Context Explanations, narratives and presentations
  • Rear view mirror Predictive & prescriptive analytics
  • Disjointed workflows Embedded workflows and Actions

For all your management and operational reporting needs

Businesses do not just run on dashboards. Yellowfin provides the broadest range of capability of any data and analytics vendor. From traditional tabular reporting all they way through to augmented and automated analytics.

  • Traditional

    • Tabular Reports
    • Broadcast & Scheduling
    • Export to spreadsheets
  • Augmented

    • Assisted Insights
    • Automated Analysis
    • Operationalise Data Science Models
  • Modern

    • Self-Service Data Discovery
    • Actionable Dashboards
  • Collaborative

    • Data Stories
    • Management Decks

“Exceeds expectations in its augmented BI”

- Results from the 2019 Forrester Wave™ evaluation Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms (Client-Managed) Q3 2019 

More efficient, accurate and actionable analytics

Data volume and complexity is increasing and business people across the enterprise are drowning in data. It’s impossible for them to manually analyse every conceivable combination of data, let alone determine whether their insights are significant and require action. Automating analytics is the solution.

Never miss an insight

Never miss an insight

Automate the surfacing of key changes in your data instantly, or schedule reports to be triggered on a threshold, to ensure you don’t miss a critical opportunity or event. Missed or delayed insights on business risks or opportunities directly link to your bottom line.

Be more efficient

Be more efficient

Automate key parts of the analysis process ensuring timeliness, accuracy and reliability. This frees up analysts to spend time on higher value activities such as interpreting insights and suggesting actions.

Increase the ROI on data science activities

Increase the ROI on data science activities

85% of data science models never get productionised. Improve the efficiency of your data science team by operationalizing their data science models and embedding them into your enterprise dashboards where business users can take action.

Embedded governance gives you control, even at a high scale.

Built from the ground up for large enterprise deployments Yellowfin helps you to manage a complex data environment. From connecting to many sources or scaling your deployment to 1000’s of users, Yellowfin helps you to stay secure, keep control and manage your analytics environment easily.

Governance and Audibility

Governance and Auditability

Leveraging a centralized data catalogue, organizations can easily deploy governed analytics that preserve data integrity and accuracy across the enterprise. Self-service users can easily create and share certified content. From regulated financial reporting and executive reports to ad-hoc analysis without compromising your risk and compliance needs.

Massively Scalable

Yellowfin is platform independent so you can deploy where you want: on Windows or Linux, on-premises or public/private cloud. Built with growth in mind, Yellowfin supports horizontal and vertical scalability that big deployments need - delivering analytics to thousands of users across the enterprise with just a small admin footprint.

Rock solid security

Rock solid security

Yellowfin security is highly configurable and fine-grained. We provide you with a user, role, group, content, function and data level security model that you can configure as you wish. Or, better still, use LDAP or active directory to reuse the security frameworks you already have in place in your business.

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