A new naming convention for future Yellowfin releases

A new naming convention for future Yellowfin releases

After the 7.4 May release, you’ll be seeing a new naming convention for subsequent releases of the Yellowfin platform.

The new convention follows this format:

<Major Version #>.<Minor Version #>.<Maintenance Patch #>

For example, our current major and minor version numbers are 7 and 4 respectively. The May release will be our 5th one for 7.4. So, following the new naming convention after May, our subsequent 7.4 release will be known as 7.4.6.

We are implementing this new naming format because it better reflects our development cadence for product delivery. This will not only allow us to be more agile around the release process, it will also help our Support and Customer Success teams provide better tracking on issues and their resolutions.

Additionally, instead of saving new features and large enhancements for a big x.0 release, we are now in a position to release them as soon as general availability status is achieved – delivering value to you, our customers, faster.

To learn more about our subsequent releases after May, join and follow the Yellowfin Community to catch the latest change logs, and our official Twitter for news on every platform update.