What everyone is saying about Yellowfin

What everyone is saying about Yellowfin

We've received a lot of fantastic feedback from industry analysts about Yellowfin and where we're going as an organization. There are three in particular that have come out recently and made me really proud of what we’ve achieved. 

A strong performer on the Forrester Wave

The first one is the Forrester Wave. This happens every two years and is similar to the Gartner Magic Quadrant in several ways. The Forrester Wave ranks BI vendors across the globe on the products that they're bringing to market and their ability to execute. The products that they focused on for us was automation, and Signals in particular, along with the collaborative features that Yellowfin has like Stories and our timeline.  This year we’ve been recognized as a strong performer and one of the reasons for that is because of the strong customer recommendations that we had. Many of our customers said that we exceeded their expectations for automation of analytics and that was a highlight for me. 

A leader in the use of AI enablement

Yellowfin has also been recognized by EMA as a leader in the use of AI enablement for analytics. This is very much focused on Signals and automation. This shows that from an analyst perspective there’s a real understanding of what Signals does and how it's different in the marketplace.   I think the missing piece in analytics has been the impact it can have on an organization when they know what's happened as it happens. In the past, there’s been a time lag between an event happening and an analyst understanding it and communicating it to a business user. The fact that Signals shortens that time timeframe and gives users access to data in real-time is quite profound. It’s terrific to get this kind of feedback from an analyst that understands what we're doing is really unique in the marketplace.

Top three for collaboration in Ventana

Then there’s the Ventana Value Index for Collaborative Analytics and Business Intelligence that has Yellowfin in the top three. Collaboration is an area that’s dear to our heart and this speaks to that. We’ve been the leaders in collaboration for years and we're really passionate about delivering it as part of a BI suite with products like Stories and our timeline. We focus so much more on the business user and think about how we can enable them, not make them a data analyst. We help them engage with, share and act on their data and I believe that collaboration is the bedrock for that. Together these mechanisms really help business users to drive a data culture within their organization and it's great to be recognized for that. 

Yellowfin will keep getting attention

For me personally, it’s fantastic to see Yellowfin recognized. As a vendor that’s been essentially self-funded without the monster budgets that some of our competitors have had, I think what we’ve achieved is pretty phenomenal. It's a testament to the longevity of Yellowfin as an organization and our ability to continue to innovate and think about new ways of doing things. Reviews like these recognize that we've made the right choices over the years and they’ve certainly paid off. I’m very proud and I think it’s a fantastic outcome for Yellowfin.