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� Showing as “???” on Dashboards, but find on Reports

I am attempting to use the � symbol in my reporting, but running into some issues.

On reports, the � shows up fine:

Forum image

However, if I put a report with a � symbol on a dashboard, the symbol now looks like this:

Forum image

This also happens to some characters that have umlauts or other non-standard characters. I am currently using version 7.0 of your software.

How would you advise us?

Thank you

Thank you for sending along the question and the screenshots.

Which build of YF are you currently using? E.g, August build?

I just tested this in YF 7.0, Sept build and was unable to reproduce your error.

Report screen -

Forum image

Dashboard screen -

Forum image

Please confirm which build you are on and I will circle back.

Thank you,

Thank you for your quick response, David.

We are currently using build version 20140627.

However, we have also seen this issue in previous versions and build of YF.

Thank you

Which browser are you working in?

I will continue to try to duplicate your issue on our end and
have also reached out to other support members for some
additional insight.

Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for your quick response.

We have seen the error in both Chrome and Firefox (most recent version of both).

Thank you

To see if we can replicate this our end I wondered if we could get a little more information about the data in your report.

1/The field you are using, what data type is it?
2/ How did you format the field? Where did you add the Euro sign?

Once we have this information, we will conduct some more testing and see if we can replicate this issue for you.

Kind Regards,
Thank you again for responding so quickly.

To note, this is happening in every field in our dashboards that have foreign characters. However, here are two examples of fields that are showing this error:

- Text field. Data is "Bad V�slau" and it shows up as "Bad V??slau" on the dashboard.
- Numeric Field. Data is "�3.000,00". The data shows up as "???3.000,00".

I used the euro sign in the "prefix" field when applicable. There is minimal formatting on the fields (default is the standard).

Let me know if you need more details.

This one is puzzling us, as we are still struggling to replicate.

My next avenue to test is setting the language. What language are you using forYellowfin and in your browser?

Kind Regards,
We are using "English" for both the Yellowfin Language and our browsers.

Sorry for the delays on this issue.

I'm wondering if we could access your instance from our browsers here in the office?
This will allow us to run some checks on our local browser.

If it was occurring across the reports as well as the dashboard, we would have some other ideas, but since it's just the dashboard it's a strange one.

You can email through your login details across to and reference this post.