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Analytic Setup on Chart with append data

I'm trying to link filters from one chart to another in a dashboard. I've done this several times before, but I'm unable to link two charts together when one of them has used the append feature within the report. Does yellowifn not support this capability or am I doing something wrong?
Hi Derek,

I just tried a basic example of this and it worked for me, so could you please tell me more about your report so that I can more closely align my example with yours, for example is the filter that you'd like to link with in both the master and append queries, or is it just in one of them? Are they linked between the master and append queries? Is it a regular append query or an advanced append query? And if you can think of anything else about your reports that might be pertinent to the issue then please by all means let us know. Also, you might prefer to just take some screenshots of the various screens within the report builder to show us how it is configured.