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Auomatic Gis Boundaries in Bubble maps


I have a question regarding GIS Boundaries in Bubble Maps.
Is there a way to enable the Maps to AutoSizes in relation to the Gis Points in the database ?

To get automatic Gis boundries based on the GIs points , aka max and min longitude and lattitude.

i will explain with an example:
point A : 40.709819, -74.005430
point B : 37.752694, -122.464139
point C : 48.977424, -103.838193
point D : 29.350341, -98.483731

if this is my database i would like the map to be between the max/min lattidute and longitude :

Longitude : -123 to -74
Latitude : 29 to 41

I know there is a way to enter the GIS Boundaries manually, can it be automatic ?

Appreciate any help in the matter

Hi Saul,

if you don't apply any user-defined values to the GIS Boundaries fields then the boundaries should be automatically determined by the extremities of the data. Are you finding that this is not occurring for you?