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Auto Refresh of Dashboard Portlet when embedded


I have a dashboards embedded in another web app. In Yellowfin, I have set the auto-refresh interval on some of my portlets to 15 seconds, however when the dahboard is viewed through the other app in embedded mode, the refresh is not working.

Can I switch this on in embedded mode?


Dylan Erens
Hi Dylan,

It looks like reports on a embedded dashboard do not refresh like they do in the Yellowfin application when sit to do so.

This may be because embedded reports through the JavaScript API do not support chart animations.

I've included a link from the wiki for more info:


Hi Nick,

I'm not sure what animation has to do with auto-refresh? It doesn't say anywhere in the API document that auto-refresh is not supported. Could you find out please?
Hi Dylan,

sorry for the delay in responding. In fact, the auto-refresh functionality is not supported for a dashboard embedded via the javascript api. We do intend on re-vamping the js api, however, unfortunately it won't be in time for the next major release (7.2).