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Avoiding default DISTINCT clause in YF SQL Statement


While generating a few list reports, noticed that YF by default puts a DISTINCT clause on the resultant SQL Statement. This is creating problem on the output as the requirement is to list down all the values irrespective of duplicates or not.

Scenario: When we select NET_INVOICE_AMT from the FACT table, a DISTINCT clause gets added in the YF SQL statement by default. When we however do an aggregation on NET_INVOICE_AMT, values are correctly computed.

Is there any sort of setting that needs to be done to display all the values and avoid YF adding DISTINCT by default?

Found the solution after going through YF Forum to find a relevant response.

There is an option to toggle the DISTINCT on the Report Data page.
On the left side-navigation, in the Report Data section, right below Active Row Limit, there is a "Show Duplicate Records" check box. This defaults to Unchecked. By checking it, we were able to get the list report with all duplicates displayed.