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Backing out of report builder too sensitive which causes complete loss of report.

I'm using yellowfin on Mac OS X in Google Chrome (using a magic mouse and/or trackpad). One thing that I repeatedly have a problem with is when I'm creating a report in the data step and I accidentally swipe to go back. This takes me back to the browse page and I lose the report I was working on entirely.

Is there a way to put up a warning when clicking the back button that will pop up asking me to confirm? I would like to point out that this seems to only be a Yellowfin problem. When I'm on a regular webpage the swipe on my mouse to go back is much less sensitive and I've never accidentally swiped hard enough to be taken to a previous webpage.
Hi Derek,

By far the easiest and quickest way to stop unwanted visits to the previous browser page via the BackSpace button is to install the browser extension called BackStop. The reason I recommend this is because it's ready and available whereas if I raised an enhancement request for such functionality I don't think it would be implemented in the near future because as far as I know you're the only Yellowfin client to have requested it, and as you can imagine we have to prioritise enhancements requests mostly by popularity or whether it fits in with the current Yellowfin roadmap.