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Broadcast Report No data display

Hi Support team,

We have upgraded to YF7.2, found some report showing "No data retrieved" or "Report Execution Cancelled" after broadcast. We have already configured Yellowfin timeout setting to a much longer time (1800s) but still cannot solve this issue. Could you please provide some ideas or advice in fixing this issue? We do not want our users to see blank report every time.

Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks and Reagrds.
Hi there, will anyone check this message?

Hi Tony,

Thanks for submitting the question and I'm sorry to hear that you running into this broadcast issue after upgrading. I'm wondering, do you think you could send in your Yellowfin logs so we can investigate the errors that are popping up when you attempt to broadcast?

Also, could you zip up your entire logs folder found at /appserver/logs and send the zipped folder to Please reference/link this forum post in your initial email.

This will generate a support case in our CRM which will allow us to look at this issue in more detail and pull in outside resources if necessary.

I look forward to hearing back and helping you get to the bottom of this one.

Kind Regards,

Hi Dustin,

Thanks for your reply. I have sent the log file to, with thread link in the mail. Please check (sending by

Yellowfin[229051]|- Yellowfin logs requested - Broadcast Report No data display