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Broadcast report sends earlier then set time

We have a report that send every 120 minutes. We saved the settings at the top of the hour, so it would send the first report 120 minutes later.
Recently, it has started sending 20 mins earlier. No changes were made to the report though.

Any ideas about what would cause this?

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with getting
your report to Broadcast correctly.

Can you send across a screenshot of you Schedule Management
page for that report?

Forum image

This should show when the report was first broadcast and when the
next scheduled broadcast is.

Which build of 6.3 are you using? E.g. Nov?
Is this happening with any other broadcasts that you have set up?

I've also included the latest link to our Wiki covering Broadcast.



Hi Kyle,

See below and attached.

There are 4 reports that are sending early so far.

Application Server: Apache Tomcat/6.0.35
Servlet API Version: 2.5
JSP API Version: 2.1
Application Details
Current Schema Version: 20121119
Original Code Version: 20090227
Current Code Version: 20141022


Forum image

Forum image
Thanks Chris,

This is very interesting. Can you double check that your
server time is correct??

I see that this Broadcast has been set up since 2014 and this
just started happening today?

Are you on EST? If so, on your last screenshot above, did
your report Broadcast at 1:49pm?

Can you send your YF email.log through?


Hi Kyle,

The db server and the web server are in sync and correct. We are on Eastern Time (US).

It started on 1/23/2015. Was reported to me today.
We have verified that nothing was changed in the environments around that date.

Yes, the 1:49PM report did go out.

Log attached
Hey Chris,

Thanks again for the quick response and for
sending the logs.

Although now I'm confused and think that I
might be missing something! Your screenshot
shows that the report was sent on 11:49am.
It was set to send again at 1:49pm, 120 minutes
later - which is how your Broadcast is set up.
You've confirmed that this report did indeed
Broadcast at 1:49 and the log file confirms this.

Where can you see or document that the Broadcast
is being sent 20 minutes early??

Sorry in advance if I've misunderstood you.


Hi Kyle,

Went back and checked with the issue reporter. Looks like the report was manually kicked off from the Schedule Management screen, because the report had failed to send to all recipients. That manual run succeeded, and the next report run was kicked off 120 minutes later from that date/time.

The user has an ETL job that runs before they want the report to go out. If the report runs early, the data from the update is missed in the report. It's all a timing issue.

More granular selections in the Broadcast scheduler would probably help.
Is the schedule behavior we have seen correct for the broadcast object? Where does/should it calculate the 120 minutes from?

Hey Chris,

Thanks for clearing that up a bit. Yes, if they went in
and hit 'Run Now' it appears that action will reset the
Broadcasting schedule. The report in mention will
now run again 120 minutes after they manually ran it.

They will need to to do one of two things to get this
reports Broadcast schedule back to where it needs to be.

1 - Reset the schedule @ the report level. When they hit save,
the report will Broadcast and the schedule will begin.

Forum image

2 - Manually run it again at exactly the time they want in the Schedule Management page.

Forum image

I hope this makes sense! If not, please let me know.

Thank you,

Thanks Kyle. I'll have them identify which reports might be affected and adjust the broadcasts as needed using one of the two methods.