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Broadcast report with HTML and attachment


I just came across a requirement from a business user. They would like to broadcast a report and get some information in the HTML part and want also to attach all the data as XSL or pdf.

I don't think ist is possible atm. But if have two ideas for the feature:

The first would be to create a co-display report and be able to define how each off the reports has to be added to the broadcast. Then you could use one for the HTML part and one to be attached.

The second idea would be to add additional reports as attachments to the broadcast, kind of like you add reports to tasks in 7.2.

What do you guys think?

Best regards,
Hi Ingo,

if we have understood the customer's requirements correctly, how about this.....create 2 broadcasts for the report, the first one has the report as HTML, and the second one has the data as XSL or PDF?