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Browser with same names in default and Client organisation

When using Client-organisations in Yellowfin 7.1, one can have the same name reports, storyboard etc. in the client as in the default. In the browser however, you can not see nor explicit select the items on this "origin". Thus far i can only see it when selecting edit, in that case the default-organisation items can only be copied.

Is it possible to add an icon showing that an item is "in the default-organisation", like the icon we have for favorits and comments?

An other wish is to have in the advanced-mode of the browser an option to filter on origin, like "status" and "shared" already have.

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Hello Peter,

I'm just taking a look at this now and will get back to
you as soon as I can.

Thank you for sending along the screenshots!
Always a great help.



Hi Peter,

once again, a great idea! thanks for the suggestion, an enhancement request has been raised for both these requests - Support Task 175692.


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