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Cached filter values empty

I have built a number of reports that use a minus sub query. The main query has a number of filters. I initially built the report using defined values for the filters.

Subsequently I have gone back to alter the report to allow the report use to select values for several of the filters in the main query. I have set the filters to user prompt and tried to cache the values.

In all cases the cached values list is empty. I simply cannot get the report to cache the filter values.

I have used cached values many times, but probably not with a minus sub query.

Is there a problem doing this?
BTW if I remove my minus sub query the filter values will actually refresh and populate
Hi Peter,

It sounds like a defect for sure.
Cached filters should always populate, unless you have no values to populate.

Can you please let me know the Yellowfin version you are using so I can test this in that release.
Also please include a few screenshots of the report builder just to ensure we are not missing anything.