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Hello, I have the following data from a data source.

Auditor - # of Total Findings
John 100
Joe 50
Peter 150

I have another field (due date) in my data source, based on which I can decide whether a finding is overdue. I will like to build the following report.

Auditor - # of Total Findings - # of Overdue Findings - % of Overdue Findings
John 100 50 50%
Joe 50 10 20%
Peter 150 50 33%

# of overdue findings is generated based on # of total findings and the due date.
% of overdue findings is calculated using formula # of overdue/# of total findings

I am struggling to create the # of Overdue Findings. Can you kindly help?

Hi Simon,

one way to do this would be to use an append sub-query as follows:

1) in the main query just have the basic COUNT(Findings)
2) in the append sub-query again have the COUNT(Findings) but also add the Due Date field as a filter.

So to answer your question, the sub-query as described in 2) will show the # of Overdue Findings. And then to calculate the % of OverDue Findings you will have to add a Calculated Field to the main query that has the formula "# of overdue/# of total findings" (the COUNT(Findings) from both the main and sub queries will be available in the Calculated Field).

I hope that makes sense, if it doesn't and you have further questions please let us know. By the way, if you selected the Ski Team demo DB when you installed Yellowfin then I could send you an XML export file of the above solution so you could import it and have a look at how it's done, let me know if you'd like this.


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