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Calculate report data based on date range selected in filters

We developed employee productivity reports. The query brings all the services done by an employee, Service Date, Time, units, expected units of that employee (which is a filed on employee profile record). The reports have filters on service date as start and end dates.

The expected units are per month and the productivity percentage calculated based on it, against their expected units. The report works fine as long as one month period is selected on the filter. When the user selects more than one month as filter, still the expected units are same as per one month, so the productivity % shows more than what it should be. We are trying to see if we can multiply expected units based on the data range selected and recalculate the percentage.

We also thought adding a parameter so that users can enter number of months, but we couldn�t figure out how we can use in calculations other than as a filter.

Is there a way to achieve this? Is it possible to find the elapsed time between the date filters can be found and used on a report?