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Calculated fields calling calculated fields within a subquery structure

Dear All,

Having the following issue:

Have a report that contains a subquery.

I have a variety of calculated fields that look at data from both queries and return a value.

I want to create a "master" calculated field based on a category column that says:

CASE WHEN Category = 1 THEN calculated field 1 END CASE WHEN Category = 2 THEN calculated field 2 END


This is not an issue when creating a report without a subquery.

However, in my report the calculated fields are not showing up under the select field dropdowns on the master query.

Please assist.
Hi David,

at the moment if you use a CASE WHEN statement in the Master Query, the Sub-Query calculated fields don't show in the list of available fields. Whereas if you don't use a CASE WHEN statement in the Master Query then you will see all of the Sub-Query calculated fields. This is just how Yellowfin works at the moment, another client has already brought this up and so an Enhancment Request has already been created, it's number is 157741 and hasn't been implemented yet because the development team have been totally taken up with coding for the next major release, 7.2. However, after that release I would expect 157741 to be implemented.