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Calculated Fields / Formulas Missing

Hopefully this is a really simple solution. In YF 7.0 I was able to create calculated field and forumas in the second screen of the view builder. This is now missing. Any help on where I find this would be much appreciated. I am using YF 7.1, Nov 28th build.

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Hey Scott,

Sounds like you might have upgraded to the latest version, December?

Is this happening with all of your views?

I've tested this in 7.1, latest version, and can't replicate your
issue. I've reached out to our support team for further
assistance and am hoping to hear something today for you.

Thank you for your patience regarding this issue and
apologizes for the inconvenience this has caused.



Hey Kyle,

Tuns out it only seems to be happening to the views I start create with an SQL statement.

Do I need to use the Drag and Drop editor to use calculated fields?


Hello Scott,

That is correct. The calculated fields table will not
be an option when creating a view using the
Freehand SQL option.

Please let me know if there is anything else
that you need in regards to this query.

Thank you.