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Calling external web service and custom JDBC


My team is looking into using YF for a set of generated data. Currently, we have a web service that generate data tables that can be consumed by YF. However, we need to way to regularly generate these data.

Is it possible to customize the YF website so that it can call the web service before the report is run?

If there isn't a way to customize the website, would it be possible for YF to a custom JDBC so that we can write?
Hi Dicky,

sorry for the delay in responding! It seems that somehow this forum post "fell through the cracks".

Unless I have misunderstood the scenario, it seems to me that if you wish to automate the regeneration of the data tables just before a report is run then the easiest way to do this would be to run the report via a webservice, that way you would have 2 web service calls which you could execute after the other programmatically.

If you would like some information on Yellowfin web services then a good place to start would be this Wiki page.

I hope that helps your project, if there are any further questions then please let us know.