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callling LoginUser returns exception

Hi,I am trying to call loginuser method with details as mentioned on link

I am getting an exception message when webservice is called - "There was an error reflecting 'in0'. Can you pls guide why i am getting this error.
Code is mentioned below.

AdministrationServiceClient asc = new AdministrationServiceClient();
AdministrationServiceResponse res = null;
AdministrationServiceRequest req = new AdministrationServiceRequest();

req.loginId = "";
req.password = "test";
req.orgId = 1;

req.function = "LOGINUSER";

AdministrationPerson ap = new AdministrationPerson();
ap.userId = "";
ap.password = "test";
req.person = ap;

res = asc.remoteAdministrationCall(req);
Hi Gary,

Sorry for the delay in responding, somehow this forum seems to have "slipped through the cracks" as it were!

I've had a look at the javadoc for the AdministrationServiceRequest class and it looks like all attributes have been encapsulated so that you must use the get and set methods. Also, it looks like the OrgID member expects a java.lang.Integer rather that a primitive.

I have attached that javadoc to this post, and also another example of how to use the LOGINUSER webservice, so if you have a look through them it should help you to get your webservice call working.