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Can I set permission level on storyboard theme?

I noticed that the storyboard theme can be seen and selectable by users when creating storyboard in different client instances, no matter I created the theme at root level or not. Is there any way to set the permission level of storyboard theme? So that only the theme created in the client instance can be seen by users of that client org, not sharing the theme across all client instances.

Also it seems that there's no theme status or a switch to enable or disable the theme. Does it mean that users can apply the theme to their storyboard when I am editing the theme?

Hi Olivia,

Thank you for your post.

Can I ask what version and build of yellowfin you are using?

When creating themes for your users, any that are created in the Default Org will be visible and available for use in all Client Orgs. If you create a new theme in a Client Org, it is only available for that Client Org to use, it will not appear in the Default Org or any other Client Orgs you have. From your post it sounds like this is not working in your case. Can I just clarify, were themes created in the one client org available in another?

You are correct, currently there is not a active/not active setting on themes but I can create an Enhancement Request for this to be considered. Just to confirm your request, are you wanting to restrict the use of a theme if it is being edited? Are wanting users to not have access to the them while it is in edit mode?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,