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Cannot create report with Org Ref Code field


I'm trying to create a fairly basic line graph using a crosstab with an Org Ref Code field as the row.

The data table is being displayed correctly but when I try to create the chart it will not let me drop the field into the "Colour" box stating it must be a dimension, which it already is.

I'm on 7.0 will attach some screen-shots.

Note on my first attempt the ref codes didn't have custom colours so I tried adding some but that didn't help.

Thanks for your help


Hmm not sure what happened to the screenshots, will try again:

Forum image

Forum image

Forum image

Hi Alex,

Can you please show me the 'definition' tab of the view builder for this field.

Looks like it's text, but you've then used a 'convert text to numeric'.
Then using an org ref code to display the number as text.
Is there a reason why you're doing this?

This means, even though the field looks like a dimension, you've told Yellowfin to convert this to a number. In which case, it cannot be used in the color box.

Hope this explains what you're seeing.

Also note, there is a current defect with using the 'convert text to numeric' converter (TASK ID = 169743) where the conversion is only 1/2 done. So even though you have applied the converter, it's not really acting as a numeric field (well, not completely).


The field in the db is tiny int which corresponds to a small set of types.
We're trying to convert this to a human friendly text in Yellowfin.

Is there a better way of doing this or is the Org Ref Codes the correct method?

I don't see any place we have done "convert text to numeric" but I may have missed something.


Forum image

Forum image
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the extra info.

What you're doing is correct. You have changed a numeric column to display as a dimension, then apply an org ref code.
This is fine.

However the cross-tab chart is not recognizing that it's formatted as a dimension, so this is where the issue lies.
I have managed to replicate your issue and raised a defect (TASK ID = 170147).

It only seems to be the cross-tab report charts exhibiting this problem.

We are going to have to fix this in the near future, though until then, you will not be able to use this field as the color field.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi David,

I was wondering if this bug has been fixed yet?


Hi Alex,

Product Defect # 170147 was corrected and added to the September 2014 monthly YF builds.

Any further questions on this, please let me know.

Kind Regards,


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