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Can’t activate clone view

I don't have access to the "Activate" button.
See attached pictures.
Please advice.


Forum image

Forum image
Hi Rami,

do you mean the Activate button is missing from the page or that it is not functioning (please see image below)?

Forum image

If it's missing then could you please check whether there are any javascript errors in the browser console, and if so then please attach them to this post.

The Activate button is missing from the page.
What is "the browser console" ? where can I find the javascript errors?

(I used the Save option instad of the Activate to solve my problem.)
Hi Rami,

The easiest way to get to the browser console is to use Chrome. When on the the activate view page, where your activate button is missing, head to the Chrome Toolbar View>Developer>Javascript Console. Any javascript errors will show up the console at the bottom and they will be highlighted in Red.

Forum image

Let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards,
Hi Rami,

Wondering if you could comment on this older forum? We have another client
that is experiencing this exact issue and has tried all the things that were

- Did you ever see this again in your environment?
- How did you 'save' the cloned report?

Thank you for any help that you can provide.



We get it rarely. I can't explain why but I work around it using the SAVE option rather than the ACTIVATE one.
Thank you Rami

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