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Can’t link parameters between reports on a dashboard

On an analytic dashboard, filters can be linked between reports, but parameters can't. Yellowfin actually displays a message to that effect (see screenshot).

Do you plan to add parameter linking in the future?

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System Information
Application Version: 7.1
Build: 20141029
Java Version: 1.6.0_32
Operating System: Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 (amd64)
Hi Gert,

Thank you for posting your request on the forum.

I have had a look into this for you and it appears we do have an existing Enhancement Request for this (Task ID: 130059). I have added a note to this existing task to make a note of your request.

If you have any questions or I can assist further with this request for you, please let me know.

Kind Regards,

We are using version 7.1.

Is this TASK # 130059 being considered in a future enhancement; or should I open a new request?

Hi Jenny,

No need to open another request. Task ID #130059 is still open, but has yet to be approved by development. Unfortunately, I can't give you an ETA on when it will be considered, but I have gone ahead and placed a comment in the task demonstrating continued interest in this enhancement.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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Thanks Dustin - I appreciate you prompt reply.


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