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Chart Labels


We have several line charts and combination charts that need data labels. We are trying to migrate our stakeholders over to using Yellowfin but they are locked on that labels feature in Excel. Can that feature be added to Yellowfin? It seems that labels can be used in some bar charts but that does not meet our needs.

Thanks for your help.

This feature has been logged as an ehancement request, and will be implemented in a future build.

Please let me know if you have any other queries.

Is this feature already available ?

Chart labels are now supported on charts.

However, they are still not supported on line charts, an enhancement request was raised (TASK ID = 112739).

If you come across a chart (other than line chart) where you cannot see a chart label, please send across your current YF version and the type of chart you're trying to create.

Hi David,

Which charts support labels now?

Gabriel Roncancio
Hi Gabriel,

As of Yellowfin 6.3 November release here are the charts that support/don't support chart labels:

Charts that support labels:

Vertical Column/Bar Chart
3D Vertical Column/Bar
Stacked Vertical Column/Bar
3D Stacked Vertical Column/Bar
Any GIS Map
Any Pie Chart
Funnel Chart
Comparative Infographic Chart
Radar Chart
Waterfall Chart

Charts that do not currently support labels:
Layered Bar Chart
Bubble Chart
Scatter Chart
Box & Whisker Chart
Trellis Chart
Heat Grid Chart
Area Chart
Stacked Area Chart
Any Combinataion Chart
Financial Line Chart
High / Low Chart
Candlestick Chart
Any Line Chart
Google Maps
Any Meter Chart
Proportional Infographic Chart
Event Chart
Week Density Chart

Hope this helps.

Hi David,

Labels over line charts were fixed on Yellowfin 7 ?