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Chart To Show Column Total

Hi YellowFin

I have a column chart
Say 10 Columns

I would like to show the totals for each column
Above the column
In the column

I am using 7.1

I remember doing this several years ago
But cannot figure out how to do it now

Thanks - Grant
Hello Grant,

Have you been able to review our Wiki page that details Column formatting?

Column Formatting

If not, this should help you out. If so, please provide some screenshots of exactly what you
are trying to accomplish and also include the version and build of YF you are using.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Example Image - Show Chart Column Total

Forum image

Hi Grant,

In the Chart Builder go here and turn Labels on -

Forum image

Your Chart should render like this -

Forum image

Here is also a link to Wiki on Labels in Charts.

Chart Labels

Thank you for clarifying and I hope this helps.


Hi Kyle,

Yes it worked - Thanks For That

Seems though no option to show totals at the top of the column

Only option is totals inside in each column

Thanks For Your Help - Grant

i have three types of products (cold, warm, hot) how can show these product types total like cold 5, warm 3 and hot 6 on dashboard chart?

Can you provide more specifics in what you are after? We are not sure what you
mean by 'dashboard chart'? Are you just trying to total your columns and then show
them in a bar chart? Please provide more information and we will attempt to assist

Thank you,