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Clarification On Yellowfin Upgrade

Hi Team,

This is regarding Yellowfin version upgrading from version 7 to version 7.1

Previously I had version7 which is installed in MSSQL server 2012. Now I got the latest 7.1 version and planning to upgrade the version.

For this,
1) In the 7.1 yellowfin war --> web.xml file, is it enough to modify the 'JDBCUrl'
2) I have to install the 7.1 version with new database and I need to export and import all reports from old version.

Please suggest which option I can choose. Also please suggest is anything I want to additionally when doing version upgrading.

Waiting for your inputs.

Hi Chandra,

If you are just upgrading Yellowfin, the process is pretty straight forward unless you are also migrating Yellowfin to a new server.

If you are simply upgrading, all you will need to do is download and run the upgrade executable/jar file from our support page.

Although dated, the following article is still relevant and outlines the Yellowfin upgrade process:

What, When and How to upgrade Yellowfin

If you are migrating Yellowfin (moving Yellowfin from one server to another), here is a link to a forum post outlining migration.

Hopefully I understood your question correctly and this information is helpful. Please let me know.

Kind Regards,


Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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