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Client Org and differrent Roles for a user

(in Yellowfin 7.1, built februari 2015)

We are building an environment with Client-Org's were one Client-Organisation should be a produktion environment (with restricted roles for most users) and a second environment should be an art of a playground where users should have more rights.

We want the users to user their own business email-accounts to sign in to the system (no test-user accounts).

We think roles might fit our needs to assign the rights to those users in the different Client-organisations. However it looks like there is only one role in the repository per user.... changing the role in one client-organisation also changes the role in the other.

If this expected behaviour? If yes, can it be changed to function like i described before. If no, is there another best-practice to configure those client-organisation for this kind of use?
Hi Peter,

yes what you have described is the expected behaviour, not a bug.

As for a best practice, unless I've misinterpreted the scenario, I would say that most customers would copy their YF DB into another environment thus producing both PRD & DEV environments. I know this is not using Client Orgs as you described, but nevertheless I think this is a more standard solution.

I hope that helps.